Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Have I told you about running? I've been jogging most days since around a week after the breakup. If you know me, this is a big thing for me because I hate running. I started at 5 or 6 minutes the first day or two. Then I began to add a minute each day. The idea is to do that Monday through Saturday. Take a break Sunday. Monday back up a minute and increase the rest of the week. I've missed a few days but have been mostly successful. One of my students suggested that once I hit 20 I stay at that for awhile - "Let your lungs catch up." I hit 20 sometime last week, so I stayed there the rest. Yesterday day I went 20, and this evening I went 21. I realized that I have probably never run for that long in my life (I've been hitting records for myself for awhile now, I'm pretty sure.). Anyway, it's not something that feels great to me, and some days it really doesn't feel good. Fortunately, though, most days don't feel bad, and it's a way to release a bit of all that's part of me right now. I have mostly jogged in silence. Recently, though I have listened to parts of a couple of religious talks, which has been nice. Tonight, I listened to music - part of The City of Angels soundtrack. I used to listen to it when I felt depressed during my sophomore year of college. Here is one of the songs. I feel like it is more about actual death than the death of a relationship, but there is grief in dealing with both.

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