Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loyalty of Ladies

Before I get into what I thought I would post about tonight, I want to answer a question from yesterday's post. Someone asked how I find the songs I do that fit my thoughts and feelings. I think most of them are ones that I already know that just pop in at appropriate moments as I search for ways to express myself or to understand what I'm feeling - sometimes unconsciously. When I posted about Rob Thomas, I had been noticing the lyrics to Mockingbird for awhile towards the end of my relationship. When I looked him up, I selected a bunch of other songs and found that some of them, like Snowblind, were also comforting. I just really like music, and I listen to it too much. Fill your head with a bunch of stuff, and sometimes it will come back to you when you really need it. There's my confession for the day. :)

I went to a meeting tonight where some of us are new to each other. Therefore, the man in charge asked us to introduce ourselves. I didn't really know what to say about myself - some of the things that I mentioned are that I'm the oldest of five children, that all of my siblings are married, and that some of them have children. So then, the man in charge said something like, "Well, what about you? We need to get you married, too, right?" I just responded something in the affirmative. I did not break into tears and say, "Well, President, I kind of thought I was working on that for over half a year with someone who I think is one of your friends . . ." What was nice was that the other two women who were there with me jumped in and smoothed things over a bit. I know they love me, and I'm grateful for their loyalty.

Tonight's questions reminded me that I will be at a wedding reception for my brother soon. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I think I am so old now that people intentionally do NOT bring up marriage. Hehe! One never knows, though, if someone will be brave/clueless/tactless/curious enough to ask me why I'm not married or when I'm going to get married, etc. I figure that maybe I should be prepared and have fun answering if anyone asks. Do you have any suggestions? Should I break down and make it really awkward for them? Should I pretend like I'm a man-hating feminist? I think it was my roommate who suggested that I tell them that I am married, and I just didn't tell them about it.

Now, when I say "clueless" and "tactless," don't think that I say it with malice. I don't really care if people ask me. I can appreciate their questions. And really, I might just answer truthfully and say, "I don't know. It just hasn't happened yet." Meanwhile, there are a lot of great things going on in my life.


Emilee said...

tell them it is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!

Empress Avlis said...

That was my biggest pet peeve. It seemed like every time I met someone new, they were asking me why I wasn't married yet. I'd love to tell you it stops once you do get married, but then they just start asking why you don't have kids (which, in my case, is an even more thoughtless, sensitive question). I think people are just inherently nosy, and need to learn to mind their own business. I wish I had a witty response for you to use, but I never could come up with anything that would both answer the question, and shame the person asking at the same time.