Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prop 102

I got to volunteer to call more people for Proposition 102 tonight. It was enjoyable. Really. Last time I was glad to do it, but this time it was actually kind of fun. There were several of us in one of my friend's apartments, and we just sat around the living room calling people - Republicans, I should say. If we had been calling other political parties, I do not think we would have had as many pleasant calls as we did. Somebody also made sure we had pizza, pop, and cookies. Yum! I'm just glad to have been able to help make calls. I struggle knowing if I have done enough to show my support for the cause. I haven't felt to put a sticker on my car; I'm a teacher and try to be very neutral around my kids, and since I work at a very small school, they know my car. Maybe I should have put one on anyway. I have thought about putting a sign in my window at home, but since I live with other people I haven't wanted to do something they might not be totally comfortable with. I've been toying with writing something on Facebook, which would be visible to lots of friends, but I haven't done it yet. One of the sad things about the proposition is that some people think it means anti-gay. I don't think that's the point. The amendment is pro-family, and that is something that I definitely support. I believe that children have the right to be born into a home with a mother and father. I do not believe that anyone should be able to take that away. Marriage is an important social institution, and I believe it should be preserved. Anyway, after those scattered thoughts, I have to say that I don't know if I have done enough, but I am glad for the opportunities that I have taken to be involved. It has been a good experience for me, and I hope I will remember it in the future and not be hesitant to become involved in other legislation I believe in. The outcome of Prop 102 looks like it could go either way; I hope you will research it and want to support it, as well.

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