Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, folks, I'm down to less than a week until I start my experimental month of trying to blog everyday AND write a 150 page novel. I've told myself if I can do this, I can handle some other things in my life that I think I should do but have been too scared to try. I'm not too worried about being able to post here everyday - it probably won't be very interesting for you, but you can just skim and see which posts look like they might be okay reads. I'm definitely nervous about writing the book, since I already tried that this summer and it didn't work out so well. I was originally planning on trying to continue my failed attempt from the summer, but I'm thinking about writing a totally different book now. I also just borrowed two Shannon Hale books from one of my former roommates, so I would assume that she will influence my writing.

Changing the subject now, I went to Mesa for a little visit this weekend. Former Roommate and I went to the state fair. I ate a fried Snickers - it was fabulous!! Actually, it really did taste pretty good - better than I was expecting. We also split a funnel cake, which I had never had before. Besides clogging our arteries, we pet sheep, llamas, etc., looked at art, and learned a little about how to spin cloth. That was cool! There was this lady sitting at a spinning wheel, making this blue wool into thread, and we stopped and asked her about it. It made me think of Gandhi, who spun his own cloth. Anyway, the lady was nice and explained the process to us. She made it look easy, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be nearly as pretty if I were to try it. Nonetheless, I saw it happen before my very eyes, and I now know that it really is possible to make wool turn into thread that can become clothes. If I ever get into crocheting/knitting maybe I'll learn how to spin, too. After walking around for a couple of hours, I was pretty pooped, which I am right now, as well, so I'll sign off and wish you all a good week. Cuidense!

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