Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Almost Forgot!

About the birthday - two things I forgot.

1. One of my coworkers and two of my roommates gave me flowers, which I LOVE, which means that I have "three! three bouquets of flowers - ah, ah, ah!"

2. One of my friends here, who I love, gave me the best, almost-most-painful gift for him that he could have given. Besides the box of cereal, which is his trademark gift, he also gave me . . . a HUG!!!! Whoa! That might not sound big, but for those of you who know him, you know it was. He does not like girls to touch him - unless he wants a piece of their pie, of course. I have joked around with him about it several times, but he has never permitted me to do it. Then, before he left my party the other night, he opened his arms for a hug.
"Are you serious?!!" I asked, rather incredulously, well, really incredulously probably.
"Well, yeah, but I'm sweaty," which was true. He had played racket ball before coming to the party.
I was uber surprised, but I definitely wasn't going to miss out on my chance, sweat or no sweat. And, I have to say, for a person so anti-hugs, he was pretty good at it, even in spite of his trying to not hold me and keeping his arms from touching me all the way. :)
I only regret not having a picture to prove it really happened.

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