Sunday, October 19, 2008


I know I should be in bed and asleep right now, especially since I have church tomorrow, but I feel like writing for a few minutes. I'm on kind of a weird sleep schedule at the moment, anyway, due to the first reason I want to write:

1) I am sick. Uggh!! I don't feel like I can really complain because I'd much rather be this kind of sick than many other kinds of sick, but I want to write about it because I'm sure you can all empathize with how miserable and ridiculous I feel. If you have not watched Sick Day on, I highly recommend it because I strongly resemble Strongbad right now. It all began Tuesday afternoon with a scratchy throat. By that evening it had progressed to painful sore throat. I wanted to call out Wednesday but was not positive that the rest of the staff would be there, so I went and was grouchy with my students all day - I even yelled at them for the first time ever ("EVERYONE SIT DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!"), which was kind of interesting because they actually did what I told them to do - out of shock, I think. Thursday, I did call out and spent a glorious day at home, resting, grading, and cleaning. Friday, I wanted to call out but didn't. And here I am on Saturday night. I no longer have a sore throat, but I have gone through over half of a box of Puffs tissues. Not only do I have a limitless amount of mucus to deal with, but the cold is moving to my left eye, and it keeps tearing up. I can't wait to go to church tomorrow so that all of the uninterested-in-me guys can have their uninterest in me confirmed when they see my watery eyes and my chapped skin. Doesn't that sound attractive?

2. I returned a call to one of my grandmothers this evening, and she asked me if there are any men in my life, which is actually not something my grandparents normally ask me. Anyway, the answer was obvious, which leads me to my next thought - if any of you know a single guy who doesn't mind providing and is okay with having a wife who will take care of the house, will you send him my way? I believe I compared myself to Charlotte Lucas once and the comparison seems pretty accurate tonight. Who cares about romance - I just want a house and security. Since nobody has responded to my career questions last week, maybe you'll have some ideas addressing this issue?

Pleasant dreams and good health to you all!

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