Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jonah Day

Yesterday afternoon my intestines started complaining a bit. I jogged very slowly (I was even able to talk during it without wheezing.) because I wasn't feeling so well. I have this great fear that if I skip a day that it will ruin my resolve for exercise. However, I don't know that I'll make it today. I went to bed at a decent hour last night. During the night I woke up and thought Yup. I'm sick. Maybe I get to stay home from work tomorrow. The only problem is that the other teacher went home yesterday, so I wasn't sure if he would be back today. Therefore, when I got up this morning I got ready - I stayed away from breakfast - and went down to work with the intention of coming back home if the other teacher came. I have a pretty good little commute to get down there, though, so after getting down there and settling a bit I thought maybe I should just tough it out, especially because my Institute class is tonight (We're going to finish Revelation), and I will probably feel too guilty to go if I am home from work. Well, I didn't make it very long before I decided that maybe I really should go home and try to sleep it off if I can and get better.

I just watched Anne of Avonlea this past weekend; she refers to having a Jonah Day in it, and I was thinking that I am having one today, too. I'm physically ill. My mental health is much better than it might be, but I feel unhealthy in some ways. I'm sad. My heart hurts. I guess we all have to have these Jonah Days from time to time, though, to remind us that our lives are really pretty great.

Not only that, but even though I feel a bit knocked down at the moment, I realize that my life is actually quite far from awful. I have a much happier life than many people even on days such as this. I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat (I even bought bananas, bread, and apple sauce on my way home because I think I should be able to handle them.). I have a job that I really enjoy. I have friends and family who love me. I have my faith in God and Christ. So, really, I know life is good.

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