Sunday, December 11, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are all alone in your standards? Yesterday, one of my siblings told me about a choice that said sibling made that didn't jive with how I was raised. It was kind of hard for me to hear; I don't expect everyone to feel the way I do about things, but I usually feel like my siblings understand me because we were raised the same. So it kind of took me aback. I cried - that's normal for that sort of thing for me. I thought about it for awhile and finally asked my sibling to explain the thought process behind the decision that was made. Sibling explained and let me explain my feelings about the subject. I am very grateful that I feel like we were able to listen to each other. I know that we all get to make choices in this life, and we all have to decide where we stand on different issues. It's hard to have certain things mean a lot to me, though, and to feel alone in that. Does it mean I'm just a pharisee and that I care too much about rules (I have at least one family member who I think would say yes.)? If so, does that mean that I need to try to do some personal re-wiring? Or am I in a right place, and I should keep those expectations for myself? Will I be able to find someone to share forever with who will meet me in those decisions that are deeply part of me? Whenever this sort of thing comes up, it makes me think of the Boy, because he actually did mostly meet me in those areas - and that was a big deal to me, obviously.

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