Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kids are Great

What an interesting week this has been. Not that anything terribly exciting on the outside has happened, but it's been a different sort of week for me and my psyche, I guess. I had my first week at school with my kids, and I think that was a huge contributor. I'm so glad to be back with the students and to have that focus in my life. I have almost the same class as I did last year, which is nice. Oh - and my coworker told me that the other class calls me The Terminator, which I'm taking as a pretty big compliment. I'm not exactly sure what they mean by it, but I guess they must think I'm tough. Besides the blessing of being back at school, I got a hug and kiss from my niece last night before she and her family returned to their city. I didn't get to hang out with her, but they stopped by to return a pillow to me (I forgot it at their place last time I was there), so I at least got a hug. I carried her out to the car and then went to the other side of the car to say hi to my nephew, who was all smiley and coo-ie, so it was a pretty nice minute or two.

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