Sunday, August 21, 2011


Monday, I received a call from my visiting teacher, asking me if I had plans for Friday night. "No." "Do you want to go to the Josh Groban concert?" Yes! So we did. It was a great concert, although Josh was a bit crass. I was pretty disappointed in Michael Buble for the same reason when I went to a concert of his once. Because of that experience, I think I did not get as upset this time, but I still don't understand.

Also, I was supposed to go out on a blind date this weekend. I feel like there's a line in something Jane Austen that states that when a person gets married, the only thing left for that person is to try to get other people married, and when you're old and single, like me, you know lots of people who just want to help you out. Anyhow, I was actually looking forward to it, which I took as a good sign - up until this point, I haven't wanted to move on and date anyone else, so I think that shows progress. The blind date finally called on Friday and set things up for Saturday afternoon, but then he cancelled on Saturday, due to some legitimate reasons, I believe, but it was still a little disappointing. Oh well.

Not having a date on Saturday afternoon left me with more time to spend with my sister and her family - particularly my niece, who I baby-sat for a little while that evening. Which reminds me - earlier in the day I asked her what animal she would be if she wasn't a person. When I finally got her to answer with an animal, it was an elephant. I wasn't sure why she picked that, but then she started singing, "In the miritary style," and it made more sense. So we spent the rest of the day with me singing, "In the military style," and her replying, "In the miritary style!" She told me that I would be a bird, by the way, so I asked, "If you were and elephant and if I were a bird, could we still be friends?" "Yes." I'm so glad. We also sang Elmo's song several time, which, I'm sorry to admit, I started. It's such an annoyingly hard tune to get out of your head, and I've still had it in my mind today - uggh! We also danced, which was so much fun! What I love about babies is that you can be so stupid around them, and they don't care - in fact, they kind of like it. So I can dance as goofily with her as I want to, which I did. Maybe I'll post some pictures of the weekend here at some point.

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