Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting Day

Guess what? I just voted! Did you vote? If you didn't, I hope you feel guilty enough that you make it happen next time. However, that being said, I'm not much better. I did vote, but I didn't do my homework, so I was woefully uninformed, and I didn't vote in every category. So - I myself feel guilty because I voted pretty much down party lines - which, as my dad pointed out, might not be so bad this time around, but one ought to know who one is voting for. As far as the props went, I called my brother-in-law and got his opinion, and then I called my folks. My little brother helped me on one of the local propositions; the other ones I didn't vote on. For shame! May I be informed and more active next time. It's such a wonderful freedom we have - we should all be active participants in our government.

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