Monday, November 1, 2010

The Five Senses

Tonight it has occurred to me how much I love the five senses, and I find myself wondering which ones you appreciate the most. Which is/are your favorite(s)? Is there one that doesn't seem to matter as much to you? - Although, if it was taken away, I bet you'd miss it. When the boy left tonight, I told him that I learned that if he holds me long enough, I get some of his cologne on me, which I love continuing to smell after he's gone - I love that smell! And then I thought about how I love smelling flowers - roses, in particular, but blooming flowers/trees are so amazing to smell! So, I really love the sense of smell.
My love language is touch, I think, so then I thought about that and how I love touch. I feel the most loved/validated/cared for when I am touched. It means that somebody actually cares about me enough to be close. I also love how different things feel - like rose petals.
Sight is another great sense. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset or lightning storm or tree-filled valley/mountainside or changing fall colors or a peaceful ocean. I love being able to see those things.
Sound it totally important to me. Just this weekend I played a song that is really beautiful to me on the piano. Music can be totally inspiring, and when I hear something full of beauty, it's not uncommon for me to cry.
Taste is the one that I maybe appreciate the least - and yet, there's nothing like biting into a rare, juicy steak, is there? Or a truffle? Cheesecake? Okay, so I like this one, too.
I'm so glad that God has blessed us with these senses that make life so much richer.

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