Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been so blessed to not have to deal with too much anxiety for quite awhile that I'm afraid that it might be coming back a bit to remind me that it's not leaving my life for good, like I would like it to. Relationships (not just the boy/girl variety) just seem to have so much potential for driving me nuts - crazy, I know (in more ways than one - chuckle, chuckle). Anyhow, I have a strategy that has to do with some things I thought about yesterday, as well as what I learned during that broadcast last night, and I'm attempting to try it out - I think it just might really help. Not to mention I got on the elliptical today - for not long enough, but I'm glad that I did it even if it was for just a short time; it's good to try to help out with the serotonin issue, you know?

Totally unrelated, but oh-so-important - Happy Birthday, Katy!! I hope it's been a blast!

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Kate said...

You are pretty cute Jamie!! I heart you! My birthday was fabulous because of amazing people like you being so thoughtful. I am eager to make the age of 26 the best year yet. :) Hope life continues to go well for you. <3