Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attack of the Brown Recluses

I am totally creeped out because my school seems to have an infestation of brown recluse spiders, which, as you can see, are pretty scary. Yuck!! Yesterday morning when I got to school I noticed a big, ugly spider up in the corner by my door. He looked a lot like this guy. Since I am enough arachnophobic that I can't even kill the things, I went outside and got the case manager. I told him I thought it might even be a recluse. He followed me inside and said that, sure enough, it was. Then he got a fly-swatter and killed it. I later learned that the teacher next door had a scorpion make a run for it to get under his desk that day, as well. I wouldn't have been happy with that, either. Anyway, back to recluses. I dreamt about one last night. Then, when I got to school this morning, one of the students, who had arrived really early, came and told the T.A. and me that there was a spider on the ceiling by the other teacher's door. We went to check and it was . . . another brown recluse!! Fortunately, another student arrived and killed it for us. Right after he finished doing that, one of my students came in and told me he'd just killed one that had fallen to the floor in front of him right when he opened the door to come in. By this time I was totally creeped out, especially when I thought about how I'd been standing in the doorway for a few seconds while I unlocked the door a little earlier. My student didn't know where the spider had dropped from; my theory is that he was on the emergency exit sign that's connected to the ceiling in front of my door - icky! icky! icky! I don't like spiders, in general, and it doesn't help to know that they're really poisonous. I looked them up on Wikipedia tonight, and it says that they rarely bite people, but it still freaks me out. Somebody is supposed to come spray, or something, on Friday. I just hope my students and I all live that long.

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