Sunday, March 30, 2008

Symphonic Hobbits

Clever title, eh? Okay, so it's probably stupid, but I didn't want to title this one The Symphony or The Lord of the Rings. However, that's what this post is about. Several months ago, I began hearing advertisements on the radio for the symphony. They were going to be playing music from The Lord of the Rings. It was to be "a multimedia event!!" I love The Lord of the Rings music. I also enjoy the symphony, although I don't think I've ever been to one before. I waited too long to purchase tickets, so by the time I did, the cheapest were gone. I probably did something really foolish - not only did I buy a ticket for myself, but I also bought a ticket for someone else. I thought it would be a nice date.

As the day approached I still didn't have a date because I was trying to figure out who to go with. Truth be told, there was someone specific, but I didn't consider him to be an option, so I just put off figuring it out. Friday, while showering (isn't that a great thinking time), I started coming up with people I thought would enjoy it. My dad's always been against things that might be called "cultured" (except for yogurt), so somehow that has made me think that all guys hate the symphony, musicals, Pride & Prejudice, etc. Fortunately for me, I've begun to realize that there are guys who do enjoy some of those things.

Anyway, I ended up getting a date, and we went to the symphony, and the show was great! A couple of choirs, as well as a few soloists, performed with the symphony. There was also a screen that drawings from the stories were projected onto. I was super tired and wanted to close my eyes and listen, but I didn't want to miss the pictures, so I forced my eyes to stay open. My favorite song in the first half was one of the dark ones - the one where you here metal being beat and chains rattling. It was fun watching the percussionist beat this piece of metal. The soloist in the second half was amazing!! I could have listened to her sing all night. I figured that the guys were probably all totally in love with her, at least for last night. She was totally on. I'm so grateful that the Lord blesses people with musical talent, and I'm glad for those who develop those talents and let the rest of us enjoy them.

After my first symphony, I have concluded that if I am ever rich I would like to have season tickets.

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