Monday, November 5, 2012


Tomorrow a big choice will be made. One thing that is echoed through a writing sample that I had my students complete is the unrealistic demand for "give us tons of service while lowering the cost to me." It's not just my teenagers that feel this way. I feel that we are, unfortunately, too reliant on someone else (like the government) to provide for us while not being willing to understand the cost. I feel like we've lost pride in self-sufficiency, and we refuse to tighten the purse strings when we can't afford everything we want (just look at my finances, for ex). We live in a time where we have been provided so much without having to work for it - so we don't appreciate it. We take it for granted and demand more. We're not totally evil, though. We want everyone else to have everything, too. Unfortunately, we don't have the funds (to the amount of $16 trillion of debt - a number so big that we can't really wrap our minds around it). But, never mind that. We keep getting away with over-consuming, and we don't see the consequences of that, so why should our national over-spending be a problem? We'll keep spending and demanding more, and we'll let the government take care of it and find a small group (say 1%) to be angry at.

Tomorrow feels like a big deal to me because I feel like it will tell me if I am part of a traditional minority living in a too-quickly-approaching post-America society or if there are still those who believe in the American experiment and WASP-ish ideals.

And, by the way, I support Romney.

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