Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today I got to visit my niece and hang out at the hospital for awhile.  The word yesterday was that she was grouchy and maybe not excited for visitors.  She must have been feelings better today.  When I walked to her room, she looked through the glass, smiled shyly, and sort of melted into her bed a little, which was cute.  I went in and hugged her, and while we talked, I said something about Buckles, her teddy bear that was there with her.  I erroneously referred to the bear as a male, and she corrected me.  She told me that Buckles didn't like it at the hospital.  Buckles wanted to be at her house.  It was interesting from a psychological standpoint to hear her tell me her feelings by attributing them to her stuffed animal. It also pulled at my heart-strings a little.  Something else that tugged at them was seeing her little body in this big hospital bed; she seems too small to be there.  I love that girl and hope her recovery continues and is speedy.

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