Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Year

Funny how we remember certain anniversaries. Interesting how much has happened from that day to this. I feel like more has happened for him than for me - I mean, several girls later and now a fiance for him. But he always was busier and had more going on than I did. His life pace was always quicker. I guess I've done some things that I had a little more control over. I hope I'm better today than I was one year ago tonight. I know it's better that I am where I am than where I wanted to be - silly that we don't always want what is best for us. And there are so many areas of myself that need improvement, so I can keep working on them and be a better version of me for someone else.

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Kate said...

You're so great! You were always someone I had admired while in college. I hope you know that.