Sunday, April 22, 2012


I think it's been awhile since I have dreamed about the ex-boy, but the last couple of nights both he and his fiance have paid me visits.  A couple of nights ago, I was going to a church activity with my family.  I saw them, and I think I told my dad that I couldn't stay, and I tried to leave.  They may have seen me as I walked down the street with my mother (in the rain, I think), but I didn't look to see if they noticed me.

Last night, they were taking engagement pictures.  I think my friend's mother was driving a van to his place.  I was sitting in the back, and I think my friend, his fiance, was up front, along with her sister, maybe (who is also my friend).  I told my friend that I would probably leave his place before he got there.  He showed up while I was outside behind his house.  I delayed getting out of there for a moment, thinking it was too late to make my escape.  But then I still decided to go, and I walked across the back of his house and to a nearby university, where I think I kept walking through different places, trying to stay away and unseen by him.  As I came out of one building, I saw a good friend of mine (also a good friend of the ex's) with his wife.  I was surprised to see them because they live abroad, but there they were.  I asked them if they were there to see my ex, or if they had already seen them, or something.  "What?"  So I pointed up these stairs and down the way a little bit, to where my ex and his fiance were in the middle of pictures - I think they were kissing.  Then I went in the building, to try to find a football game that my friend who's abroad encouraged me to attend.  Random dream and not random at the same time - good ol' sub-conscious.

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