Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can a Girl Believe What a Boy Tells Her?

It's kind of amazing how dense I am when it comes to figuring out dudes. That date that I have mentioned recently - I still believe it was a total blessing, and I'm very grateful that it happened when it did because:
a) it made the ex-boy's engagement much more bearable
b) I liked it.

However, once again I'm feeling pretty confused at being told one thing and then feeling like the guy 180'd on what he said. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm scared that I might not be. Uggh. Frustration!

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Kate said...

So did this boy just up and leave? Cause I was dating this guy unofficially for 2 months. We had a date every weekend for 2 months and then he vanished. :( My thoughts are that he got translated. That is the explanation that makes the most sense on how someone so amazing and great as he is could just vanish after dating for that long..... Maybe the same thing happened to your new boy. :/