Sunday, October 23, 2011


Maybe I will get a picture or two from the weekend up here soon, but I'm tired tonight and not up to going to the effort of getting my camera and uploading stuff. Yesterday Lu and her husband hosted a little reunion for several people they knew when they used to live here. We met up at a park in a different city that was more central for those coming. It was kind of warm out, but it was so good to visit with people who I haven't seen for awhile. There was great food, and an abundance of it. There were also a lot of cute babies to watch, since most of the folks there are in that part of their lives.

Also, it was my brother's birthday this weekend. He and his family drove down from another state for the weekend, and so all of my family met up at my sister's house (where Brother and his family were staying). So there was also a little, impromptu family reunion. It was nice seeing everybody and watching the nieces and nephews. About the only downside to the weekend was trying to sleep at a house with a bunch of babies - it's a little harder to catch your z's when there are little ones around.

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