Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Beginnings

I think I've already been talking about it, but today was my first day attending my new family congregation. I've been not looking forward to it with nervous anticipation, and I have to admit that it was kind of hard. The building that I meet in now is an older one; up high in the center of the wall at the front of the chapel is a stained glass window of the Savior in Gethsemane. I'm glad that I finally looked up there during the meeting because it reminded me that Christ did something that He would have rather not had to do - but He did it out of love - so I think I can certainly be obedient in this very small matter.

During the last hour, when the women meet with each other, I was able to introduce myself, and everyone seemed nice. The Relief Society president directed me to the paper I needed to fill out to have my membership records sent to my new congregation (I already asked the gentleman in my former congregation to send them a couple of weeks ago, but I don't think it's been done yet), and I was reminded that I can count on the women to help me out. This is something that I feel like I have been made more and more aware of in recent months. I love men and all they can do, but for some reason, I feel like women help get things done. Don't bristle on me, all you men out there, but this lesson keeps getting hit home to me - I still love you, and I have to admit that the last man in my life helped organize me better, so I know I'm generalizing, but there.


Krista said...

You are right about that. I'm amazed at how simple the mens callings seem to be compared to the women. Probably because of how we expect so much of ourselves. For example Toms secretary calling compared to a secretary calling I had. Like night and day I tell ya! I'd always say, are you sure that all you need to do?!

Krista said...

Also....... I know you are in that ward for a reason and maybe someday you'll understand why and maybe you never will. But there is a reason either for your sake or someone else's. God has his reasons I have a strong testimony of that. Feel confident that God knows where you are and needs you there. love ya james!