Sunday, September 12, 2010

Longer than Planned

I finally saw Eclipse last Monday, and I liked it! Just got to throw that in there. Somehow, that fascination just lives on. Now I get to wait for Harry Potter and hope that the last two are better than #6 was.

Also, I stayed with my baby sister and her husband Friday night and Saturday. It was fun to visit them. I was planning on seeing a girl who was coming down from Montreal. I thought I would spend the night at my sister's, go hang out with my other sister and my niece the next morning, see this girl from my mission, and then go home. Unfortunately, the girl never called me, and I didn't have her number. I didn't want to leave in case she did call, so I imposed on my family all day. They definitely win the hospitality award. They were nice and laid back, even though they weren't planning on having a visitor all day. Thanks, guys!

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