Sunday, August 15, 2010

Am I Incapable of Having a Relationship with Someone?

I have decided that I can only handle about 8 dates with a guy before I just know that it's not meant to be. Several years back was probably my first experience with that. I don't know if we actually went on that many dates, but the boy was pretty slow moving, so it dragged things out for awhile. Then there was a shorter, month-long saga recently. And now there has been this past week. I've been out with the boy a few times before. Then this past week seemed to be this marathon of testing the waters, if you will. Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and that was camping, so that probably counts as more), and last night. I'm not sure if I like it that way because then it's over fast. I'm not sure if he's on the same page as I am, but we have another date scheduled next month, so unless things actually turn sour, or something, I would imagine there may be a few more dates, but then that will be it. Fortunately for me, this time I think the boy will decide it's not right, too, so hopefully it will end with nobody feeling hurt.
What I will be (and obviously already am ) feeling is a little frustrated. How do people ever decide that they actually like each other? I hope the boys keep coming, though (Believe me, I'm very surprised and grateful for that part - totally unaccustomed to it.), and that it actually works one of these times.


Krista said...

Yeah love is super complicated. Good luck with that. When it does happen you'll know. I don't believe there's one specific person out there. If you love a guy and he loves you and you both believe in the same important things then it'll work.

Duckie said...

We think you think too much. If you were thinking, you wouldn't have thought that. Anywho, just have fun. There's no need to figure out the end at the beginning. You are capable, but it really does take time. Relationships have to grow. Usually the "love at first sight" things don't last that long anyway. Forgive all the quotes/cliches, but there's something to it.