Sunday, May 18, 2008

Best Day Ever

This weekend was pretty nice. I went up to Mesa on Friday evening and watched Prince Caspian with a friend - I highly recommend the movie. Saturday, I went to the temple. I had lunch with my friend. I visited my brother and sister-in-law. Then I came back to town and joined my roommate, her parents, and various friends for Hootenanny. It was great. Today I attended church at the building my congregation will be using for the summer - it's the oldest building my church built here, and it's pretty cool. Anyway, it was a good weekend.
To me, though, the most exciting part of the weekend was having about 24 hours of feeling . . . NORMAL!! I think that Saturday was the first full day I have had in the past nine months where I felt like a normal person the whole day. Wow! It was amazing! What a blessing. No anxious feelings or thoughts - just normal. I realize that I've used that word several times now, but one doesn't know how good normal is until one experiences the alternative for an extended period of time. Hopefully there are more repeats of that day to come. For now, though, I will just be grateful for a nice, normal day.

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