Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

Wasn't General Conference wonderful this weekend? Not that it's ever not wonderful, but anyway. I have to admit that I had a really hard time staying awake this time. I think I missed at least one or two talks each session. I was super tired. I tried to get a decent night's rest Friday, but I had a lot of dreams. They were all very detailed, or involved, or something, so when I woke up Saturday morning I didn't really feel rested.

Besides my lack of alertness, I still enjoyed Conference, especially the last session today. My favorite talks were those by Pres. Monson and Elder Ballard. Elder Ballard mostly addressed mothers and talked about how much they deal with and how to keep going and to fulfill that role. It was a great talk, especially because I think there are a lot of people who down-play how demanding it is to be a mother. Not that I know that much about it, but it seems like a pretty intense, draining responsibility to me. I'm not diminishing the role of a father, but I appreciated Elder Ballard's words. I think his words were totally valid, and if I ever get to be a mom I'll probably want to refer back to them.

I especially enjoyed Pres. Monson's words at the conclusion of Conference. I struggled to gain a testimony that he is the prophet, but the Lord blessed me with an answer to my prayers a little while back, so it was wonderful to see him speak this weekend with the conviction that I have of him. I know that he is the Lord's prophet on the earth today. I know it because the Spirit spoke to my heart. When Pres. Monson spoke this afternoon, I was really touched when he told us he loves he. Then he said, "I pray for you. Please pray for me." My roommate and I talked about that tonight. He sounded so humble when he spoke. I love the prophet, and I am excited to love him more and to follow his counsel in the coming months and years.

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