Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Colonel!

It's my friend's birthday today, so this post is all for him (and his amazing wife). Happy Birthday! Don't they look like a great couple? We had a little shin-dig last night, and the picture is from then. We'll call them Colonel Brandon and Elizabeth Bennet (actually if you can think of someone you think you identify with better, let me know and I'll change the post - and does that make me Charlotte? I haven't found a Collins yet, but maybe someday. :p Oh, and I totally realize that Brandon and Elizabeth are from different stories, but we were comparing the birthday boy to Brandon the other day, and Elizabeth is the Austin character who I thought most resembles my former roommate who is now Brandon's roommate).

Don't you ever get annoyed with couples? When people start really dating, they sometimes forget that anyone else exists. There can be way too many P.D.A.s when around them, which makes life uncomfortable - like the time I came home to find a roommate making out with her boyfriend. I think she cheerfully greeted me and then went back to business - yuck! I left the house, feeling resentful of the fact that I was not comfortable in my own home. There are also those people who totally change (or, at least, it seems that way) when they hook up with/marry someone. You feel like you don't know them anymore. That's not comfortable either.

That's why these guys win the award for Best Couple Ever. Somehow, they have made the transition from single to married without doing any of those awful things that most people do. It's not even that I'm blaming the married masses for behaving the way they do - it seems to be the inevitable fate for most couples. This couple is just exceptional - that's all I'm saying. Never too much P.D.A., they are still totally aware that you are there, and they are still the same people that they were before. I love it! And, the Colonel still let's me hang out with Lizzie, which is also a big plus. So, thank you, friends, for being who you are. And, once again, Happy Birthday, Colonel!!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite part is that it is totally FREAKY to see your very own picture staring back at you on the World Wide Web unexpectedly. Thanks for the compliments--I think you're great too (even before you published my swarthy mug to the WWW)(not swarthy, but I wish it were so I could really be a pirate!) --the girl in the picture