Friday, December 28, 2007

Uffish Thoughts

My youngest sister is the right age to be in love with High School Musical and even more in love with Zak Efron. For Christmas I gave her a ticket to see the stage performance. In putting together her gift I printed out several pictures of Mr. Efron. One of my roommates took a look at one of the pictures and exclaimed something like, "Well, he's hot, isn't he?!!" Then she refused to look at the picture anymore. I have to admit that he did look pretty darn steamy.

I have determined that Mr. Efron looks better with black hair than blond, which means that he looks better in Hairspray than HSM (I will have you know that I have NOT seen High School Musical yet - I just know that he has blond hair in it). Thus, after watching Hairspray last night (which I think is funny, but a little border-line for my prudish movie watching tastes) and thinking about his attractiveness today, I find myself in a bit of a quandary over recognizing such good looks in someone so much younger than I. When did I get so old that it is now questionable to find a star "hot"?

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