Sunday, January 2, 2011


Funny - I would have thought my post tonight would be on a very predictable topic - normal New Year's type of post following my template from the last couple of years or so. However, that topic is not to be tonight. I have begun the year with a new first - that of rejection that comes in the form of a breakup.
After three great months of committed dating, preceded by several months of casual, testing-the-waters dating, after spending the past week and a half with his family and getting to know them, the two of us went on a walk as a couple and came back single. I was not expecting it. I knew we were going to talk and was looking forward to it. Even when he began by telling me that his feelings for me are not what he thinks they should be I didn't realize we were breaking up. I thought we were just communicating - not doing anything definite. I was wrong. His breaking up with me today might have been an answer to my prayer - it's just not the easiest thing to go through, eh? And not what I wanted. I am totally grateful for him and the good times and what he has taught me. He has been a blessing in my life.

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Duckie said...

Totally made me think of You've Got Mail when she talks about losing the store. Anyway, if you want to cry more, watch it. ;) I hope you're doing okay.