Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Couldn't Have Danced All Night

Whoever wrote the real lyrics to that song must have actually known how to dance, or they didn't know and never tried to do it for an extended length of time, because after finally getting to go tonight, I know that I could not have done it all night. Even though I couldn't have hacked an all-nighter, I had a great time, though, and I danced a lot - I have the battle wounds on my feet to prove it. I had a wonderful, patient, energetic partner - did I mention he was patient? When we arrived, they were teaching fox trot, which is one of a very few dances that I don't feel like a total ignoramus about. However, they certainly played a lot of dances that I don't feel so great about - Rumba, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Tango, etc. And the Boy also requested the Viennese Waltz a couple of times. That one was pretty fun because it's fast, so I don't think you have as much time, as the girl, to try to take over.
At the beginning of the evening, Boy requested that I close my eyes a couple of times so that I had to rely on him and couldn't try to be in charge. He was really good about trying to explain things to me; sometimes he audibly counted, I think to try to help me stay on, and it really did help. I wish I had more natural talent at picking up the steps, but I guess I just need to practice a lot more and maybe I will improve? Besides my klutziness, I also got kind of dizzy - dang motion sickness! I didn't want to tell Boy that I was feeling a little sick, so I just tried to press on. After a couple of hours when he checked the clock and asked if I wanted to leave soon, I was so ready. I just ran out of steam, which is weird to me because if I'm at a normal-by-today's-standards dance, I can go, go, go. I think I can do the same when I salsa. Maybe having someone to dance with me the whole time, combined with my lack of experience/know-how, which means that I had to exert myself not only physically, but mentally, too, added into a tiring experience.
However, like I said before, I had a blast and would love to say to the Boy, "Well, Friend, when are we going again?" I suppose I should let my feet forgive me first.

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Kate said...

If you were on cloud 9 you would have been able to dance all night. :)