Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Bye

This weekend my sister, brother-in-law, and niece moved to a different city. My parents came to town and a bunch of us helped the family move. When I said "helped" I use the term in regards to myself loosely. I don't know if I have shared on here before, but I HATE moving. I LOATHE it. So I kind of did the easy things, like watch my niece or pick up food for people. Anyway, I'm sad! My sister is the one who put the idea of moving to my current city in my head. She and I lived together until she got married. I still saw her often after that. And then, once she had my niece, I saw both my niece and her at least weekly, for the most part. My sister knows that I am absolutely crazy about my niece - well, I guess you know that, too, as many of my posts have been about the little cabbage. I got to hold her outside the car before the family left last night. I cried. I don't have a spouse or kids, so this little one is so very important to me. And now she's removed from my regular life - me no likey!

My sister knows how important my niece is to me. She may not realize how important she is to me. We didn't get along well growing up, but I'd say we're pretty close these days. I really like going to her place and talking - and we sure can talk - just ask her husband or our dad. How I will miss her!

And, I've had some good times with my brother-in-law, as well. It's sad to see the family go, although I know it's good for them, and I wish them luck.

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Krista said...

So sad that they moved! I'm sorry james. love ya