Sunday, March 21, 2010


"10:47 PM ET: The House has passed health care reform by a vote of 219 to 212. They will now vote on the "fixes" they want to the Senate bill.

"11:42 PM ET: As Republican consultant Kevin Madden just said on CNN, whatever you think of the bill you have to admit that this is a historic moment. Certainly the most dramatic change to the American health care system since the 1960s. Maybe the biggest change to the federal government's relationship to its citizens since the creation of Social Security in 1935. And all that in a very polarized political atmosphere during an economic crisis. Pretty incredible."

- You can find the above quotes, plus more updates by Andrew Golis, Editor of Yahoo! News blog here.

In reaction to the 11:42 entry - it certainly is historic, and how do you feel about Social Security? Have the gains been greater than the losses? We've just given more power to the government, which I feel extremely sad about. Take my already crappy mood that began with my sleeping way too long this afternoon, and go and make it worse. Thank you Congress, for destroying the American ideal even more.

I feel like I am watching the destruction - piece by piece - of something very unique, beautiful, noble, and inspired. And it is being done at the hands of the very people it has blessed. The children of America and the Constitution are now teenagers who think we know better than them how to prosper. We think we are smarter, better educated, better suited to run things, to be in charge. But what will happen as we age and realize that our parents know best? Will the prodigals be able to return, or will it be too hard to find them?

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