Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garden Round Two

Isn't Tucson beautiful? A month-ish ago, my friend who helped till the backyard for my first attempt at a garden came over to till again. He showed up, and he and I re-mulched and tilled. It was cooler outside than it was the first time, which made it MUCH nicer. Not only that, it was a lot easier and took way less time. Then, a week later, my roommate and I bought seeds and planted carrots, lettuce, and beans. At some point after that, Roommate also planted beets. We've had quite a nice amount of rain lately, and I think that, combined with better soil, has helped our garden. Like - we actually have one!! So far, I would say our only failure is beans, as we only have one (but at least we have one, right?). We are still planning on planting squash, herbs and sunflowers. Here are pictures (#1 carrots, #2 beets, #3 lettuce, #4 bean):


Lu and Moo said...

Makes me jealous--I want to get planting right away so I can have a little row of green leaves--but it hailed here really hard yesterday and it's cold enough even I don't want to be outside, so I'm not sure I could coax a sweet little baby plant to poke its leaves out of the ground just yet. Way to go on your garden, tho!

Christensen Family said...

Looks good! I love gardens! Mineya reminds us every day that we will plant seeds in the summer time.