Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just read an article on Yahoo about an 18 month old girl rescued in Haiti by some Australian news crews, as well as Haitians. Then I found the video that covers the rescue. I wanted to link to it so that you can watch it, but I warn you that it's pretty emotional; at least, it is for me. One of the elders in my mission is from Haiti. Since the earthquake I have wondered about his welfare, as well as that of his family - and friends, for that matter. I'm kind of nervous to try to find out. Anyway, I haven't been following the news on Haiti, which makes it easier to be less upset. Watching the video makes the situation more real, and I feel so upset for out brothers and sisters there - which is what they are. I don't know what to do besides send aid. My roommate prayed for the Haitians tonight, which I think is about the only other thing most of us can do, and I hope that we do pray for them.

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