Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jamie, Your Life Just Flashed Before My Eyes!

That's what my roommate said to me Wednesday night, which I found kind of amusing. She was serious, though. A car came about a foot from my life. We were going to the Institute - she for the Doctrine & Covenants class, and I for the Old People Class, as many of us like to call it (it means 25 and up single people). We had just arrived and were making our way from the parking lot to the building. The parking lot is a horseshoe shape. We were in the left side of the horseshoe. A car was driving on the middle part of the shoe, approaching our section. I assumed they would turn down our section, so I walked towards the left, so as to be out of the middle of the shoe. The car kept going straight, though, so I decided it was going to parallel park right on the connecting part of the shoe. Therefore, I altered my course and headed into the middle of the road so that I wouldn't have to wait for the car. The car, by the way, was going incredibly fast for being in a parking lot, and although I'm dragging the story out, it all happened pretty fast. Well, at the last second, the car swung directly into our part of the shoe, slamming to a stop after it already would have hit me had it been about a foot farther north. The girl in the car looked quite scared (she hadn't seen me or any of the other people in the parking lot, I think). A guy in the parking lot kind of stared at me, wide-eyed, and said, "Whoa! . . . That was close." And, as already mentioned, my roommate said, "Jamie, your life just flashed before my eyes!" Fortunately for me, I felt very calm for some reason. It reminded me that God really does watch over us. Now, if it had hit me, I'm not sure that I would have died. I am pretty sure, however, that both of my legs would have been broken, and that would not have been fun. As it is, I am still walking. I just need to ask my roommate what she saw when my life passed by.

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