Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Failed

Ugh - I already failed at Nablopomo because it looks like I forgot to post yesterday.  Well, here's a post for today anyway:

I have seen a mouse in the house THREE TIMES today!!  We've known that there are mice here for a long time now - we've seen evidence of them, and Jake has seen one or more in the garage - but I have never actually seen one in the house.

1st Sighting: I was sitting on the couch in the family room, minding my own business (or maybe others' business, too - may have been on Facebook), when something in the kitchen caught my eye. I had a psychology professor who taught us that if your eyes tell you they see something, they probably do (There is quite the story that goes with that lesson.), so I looked and lo! and behold, there was a mouse scampering across the kitchen floor. I called Jake and told him, and then I went and got the kittens, who have been living on the other floor of the house.

2nd Sighting: I was sitting on the couch in the family room, again, when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. The kittens were near me, so I knew it wasn't them, and that left the mouse as the culprit.  I grabbed a kitten and looked in the kitchen near the stove, where I thought the noise was coming from. There is a hole next to our stove, and I put the kitten near it, hoping he would go in and investigate.  Then, while he and the other kitten and I were all there, the mouse darted out from under the stove and then back under it again. I pushed one kitten into the hole and he stayed in for a minute.  Both he and the other kitten walked back and forth in front of the stove for a minute or two, as well, but they didn't seem as drawn into the situation as I would like.

3rd SightingI decided that I should actually try to accomplish something today, so I started moving baby stuff from the living room to a bedroom - I didn't want the kittens to get into it.  After moving several items, I grabbed a bag, and I lifted it I saw something, which startled me, of course, and then I watched a little grey mouse run under the door to the utility room.  I grabbed the kittens, who were trying to sleep on the couch, and threw them into said utility room for a few minutes.  They probable never saw the mouse in there, but when I let them out, I left the door cracked in case they decide they'd like to look around in there more.

Jake says he's bringing four different types of traps home.


Natalie said...

Try duct tape facing sticky side up with a glob of peanut butter in the middle! That's how we got our tricky mouse!!

Krista said...

James! im so glad you are updating your blog.Can't wait for your little one to arrive. I just had my #5 on Sept. 24th. So my words of comfort are, Would i do it 5 times if it were not totally worth the labor and delivery? Also it is not likely to be as bad as we imagine it to be! Each time ive had a baby I have thought, ok it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I had 3 with epidurals and then 2 without. I much prefer the w/o. luv ya and good luck. It is such a beautiful process, God is good. He helps us through it.