Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Beginning

It's been so long since I blogged; I'm going to try to start over.  For my first few (or more) posts, I want to write about some of the significant events over the past year to get up to speed.  Today's event occurred a year ago, September 8, 2013.  I got engaged to Jake Ellis!  Crazy.  There were probably lots of people who wondered if that would ever happen to me.

My anxiety issues made for some nice (or not-so-nice) times throughout dating, and I wasn't able to enjoy the proposal like I think a normal person would.  However, Jake proposed, and I accepted.  How did it happen?  We had Jake's boys with us.  It was a Sunday.  We went for a drive in Provo Canyon (I think that's where we were - someone correct me if I'm wrong.).  James kept asking if we could pull over somewhere, and I kept saying no.  I didn't know he was trying to find a place for Jake to propose.  We tried driving to some spot, but you were supposed to pay to be there, so we kept going.  We finally stopped at Bridal Veil Falls (That's not where Jake planned on doing it, but it was appropriate, I guess.).

After spending a little time there, we started heading back to the car.  If I recall correctly, I was ahead of the others - maybe Chomper was with me.  Then Jake called me back to the bridge I had crossed over.  When he did that, I knew what he was going to do.  He had each of the boys tell me why they thought I would be a good mom (Chomper had a hard time with this - he and I discussed this and how it was okay if it took some time for him to get used to the idea), and Jake asked me to marry him.  I said yes - I guess kind of mechanically (that whole anxiety thing I mentioned), and Jake gave me my beautiful ring that he had picked up a few days before.  I had always said that I did not want to be involved in picking my ring, but I was totally involved. :)  Jake made me go ring shopping way early in our relationship ("just to get some ideas," he said), and I really liked this particular ring, so I decided that I'd better let him know, and I did.

Anyway, so there's the proposal, and here are a few pictures from the day:

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