Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exciting Times at School

This week I had my most exciting day of school - and not in a good way.  All of the following went down in about an hour: two medical issues, one which required the paramedics, and two physical altercations.  Nice, huh?  And do you know what prompted the fights?  Phones - kids having their phones and using them during school time.  Then I was asked to take a technology survey on Friday - questions about how technology is used in the classroom and what types of technology would be helpful to the learning environment.  For some reason, I think the events of a few days before influenced my opinion on some of the questions.  Ugh.  Technology moves so rapidly, and it can be used for such good things, but unfortunately it can also be used to bully, annoy, spread gossip, etc.  And sometimes teenagers (probably adults, too) seem to lack the maturity to use it for good.

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