Sunday, September 23, 2012


This weekend I was involved in a conference for my stake's youth.  Yesterday we had different classes that the kids could attend.  Lacey Nymeyer, part of the women's Olympic swim team in 2008, was one of the speakers.  I am a little acquainted with her, so I wanted to attend one of her classes.  I have heard her speak before - I feel like she's a really good motivational speaker.  She's also beautiful and kind and a woman of faith.

She had her medal (the freestyle relay team she was a part of won the silver) with her, and she let the kids come up and hold it.  I thought that was really cool of her, and I had to go up and touch it, too, so that I can say that I've touched an Olympic medal.  What an experience it must have been for her to be a part of the Olympics.  I was impressed with how much she said it meant for her to represent a country that she loves so much.  I loved the patriotism I felt from her - so cool.

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