Sunday, June 24, 2012


I just went in for a filling recently - on one of my wisdom teeth.  My mouth is still a little sore.  My dentist pointed out on the x-rays things that were invisible to my untrained eyes and asked me if I floss.  "No."  Embarrassing but true.  He then explained to me that the things that I didn't see will, in time, turn into many cavities, but if I floss, they may not get worse.  Tonight I decided to start to try to form the habit, and I realized extra reasons that I don't like flossing, besides just not liking to take the time.  One of them is - I don't like knowing what's still there.  Yuck.  I have lived with girls before who have made "flossing parties" a nightly ritual.  If I want to make this something I actually do daily, maybe I need to do the same.

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