Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, as an update, I've been doing better the last several days than I was doing when last I wrote. I feel wary to say that for fear that I will crash again. I'm not better yet - it's going to take time. It can be hard to be patient, but this life is about learning to endure well the trials we face, and I hope that I am learning more about myself in the process and more about how to handle life better. The boy has stuck by me so far, and I'm very grateful for that - I know it hasn't been easy for him. I feel grateful for many good friends and for my family who have been praying for me and checking on me and even writing me words of encouragement on here - thank you. And I'm so grateful for God's tender mercies - I know that He is helping me through. It's amazing to me to think about Christ suffering not only for my sins, but also for my pains; I'm grateful to know that He knows what I feel and can help me, too. So even in (and probably most especially in) our trials we are blessed.

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