Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Evening Rain & The Frogs

Late afternoon we had this terrific storm.  At one point, there was a brilliant flash of lightning that was immediately followed by a loud clap of thunder that I think made me jump - or I at least came close to it.  It even hailed a little (hopefully not enough to damage my car).  Anyhow, after the storm and supper I asked my roommate if she wanted to go for a walk.  We live close to a normally dry riverbed, so we headed that direction to see if anything was in it.  We detoured a little when we got there to observe a temporary pond, where we could hear the frogs calling out.  Back on the walk and a ways down, we stopped on a bridge and watched the frogs do their thing down below - ah, nature, right? - for a little while.  It was humorous watching them kick along through the water.  Every-so-often we turned behind us to watch a rainbow, and we eventually could see it in a complete arc.  It was such a beautiful walk with the sunset, the cool, moist air, the line of clouds by some of our mountains, and the scent of wet plants blowing around us.  I'm glad we took the opportunity to enjoy some of God's creations this evening.  What a lovely end to a beautiful Sabbath.

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