Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Observation

I had an appointment with a periodontist yesterday for the first time in my life. My dentist referred me to her. It was kind of weird, and I will tell you why. As the pronoun a couple of sentences ago suggests, the periodontist is a woman. Have you ever had a female dentist? I haven't - weird. Like my dad said, female doctors - yes. Female dentists - no. Have you had a female dentist? I have friends and acquaintances that are dentists - they are all males. To my knowledge there is no kind of law or anything barring women from being dentists, so I just wonder why there is so much disparity. It doesn't bother me - maybe guys just like being dentists, and women are attracted to other professions. It is just strange in today's world. I've had both male and female doctors, both male and female massage therapists, etc. I guess I've never had a male dental hygienist, nor a female chiropractor. Anyway, it was just something I noticed - curious.

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