Monday, May 31, 2010

A Couple of Weekends Ago . . .

I got to meet a new niece and nephew. My entire family met up at my parents' house for the weekend. It was nice to see everyone, and it was great to meet the newest members of the family. The kids are not newborns - one of them even talks. She talks quite a bit, in fact. It was an enjoyable new experience to actually be called "Aunt." I'm still working on bribing the one in the picture to say "Hi." Almost every time I see her I tell her that if she says "hi," I will buy her an ice cream. So she waves. I explain to her that that is not what I mean, but I still haven't gotten her to speak that one simple word. Maybe she doesn't know what ice cream means yet. Or maybe I need to bribe her with something even better than ice cream - like chocolate.

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