Sunday, April 4, 2010

180th General Conference

I am quite tired tonight, so I don't think I have enough energy to really blog right now. However, I do want to say that General Conference was great, as always. I feel like a big theme of it was families and how important it is for parents and children to have close, personal relationships. Many people spoke of how important it is for children and youth to be taught well. I totally agree and am glad for the talks because the family in our society today is certainly in danger and often not what it ought to be, as is very much evidenced by other societal problems that would not be so widespread if there were stronger families.

On a different note, I have started a new blog. I only just began and don't have anything other than the initial post up, so I will wait to give you the address until I have more. It is going to be political in nature, meaning that there will probably be a lot of venting on it. I am hoping to get some other people to contribute to it, so when I get the address put on here, I hope you will check it out to see if it will be of interest to you.

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